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Motorglider, Self-launch, Glider instruction and Endorsements,
*Beginners & advanced student pilots training for: Private, commercial or cfi certificates*

X-Country, Glider demo rides in San Antonio, Texas.

* Discovery flights available*
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- STUDENT'S GLIDER PILOT FLIGHT TRAINING - Flight Instruction: $45.00 per Hour *

Motorglider/SelLaunch endorsement: (Grob 109 for Instruction or Demo rides)



Each training session is two hours long. Multiple training sessions can be taken in one day. Each session includes:

1 Hour ground instruction
1/2 to 1 hour flight instruction

1 to 2 Hour Dual Flight Training Sessions

These sessions begin with a short pre-flight briefing with your instructor to discuss that day's lesson plan and objectives.

Typically you will make either 1 longer flight, for aero tow and air work maneuvers, or 2 to3 shorter flights, for landing pattern practice, per session.

After your flights, you and your instructor will have a detailed post-flight debriefing. Your instructor will finish the session by going over what you need to study for the next lesson



5 to 7 hours session in 1 or 2 days

2 to 3-Hour Ground Training Session(s)

To complete the private pilot glider course you will need to complete the knowledge section of the course syllabus with your instructor. The knowledge section of the course syllabus is mostly independent of the flight training section.

This allows you to work on the knowledge section with your instructor on days when the weather conditions are not flyable. Your goal should be to finish the knowledge section of the syllabus before or at about the same time you finish the flight training

3-5 Hours Flight Training Session(s)

For transitioning pilots or Add-on to a Power Pilot Certificate, first a glider rating is needed. Then a Motorglider/SelfLaunch endorsement after training will be added to your logbook. This is a one-time deal. Checklist, power flying, and glider flying techniques will be demonstrated, and the student will be able to practice with the instructor the necessary required maneuvers to qualify for a Motorglider/SelfLaunch endorsement.

For info on instruction & glider demo rides email us at: Fly@learn2soar.net
We provide Motorglider and Sailplane instruction. Glider Demo Rides available

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